Welcome to CMC Chapter 023

Proudly hosted the 13th annual National rally in Winnipeg from Aug 2-5, 2019. Be sure to check out our generous sponsors - the rally couldn't happen without them!

The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers was founded in late November of 2006 with the first chapter in Cambridge/Guelph, ON. Nationally, CMC now has 95 chapters with over 5,000 members across Canada and growing everyday. Proudly Canadian!!

We welcome any make/model of motorcycle and we are non-gender bias. Passengers, partners / spouses and family are welcome. If you are a non-rider but have interest in riding, please join us. There is no membership fee to join the CMC and there will never be a fee to remain in the club.

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Latest News

  • New Member Only Ride!

    Every year in the 023 we get membership applications from several folks who for one reason or another never attend an event or ride with the 023 and eventually get purged from our roster for...read more

  • Being Prepared on Ride Day!

    CMC Group rides. Organizing large groups and keeping things on schedule can be challenging. Please help us by arriving well in advance of KSU time with a full tank, ready to roll...read more

  • CMC 023 Events

    Throughout the year outside of our scheduled club rides the CMC 023 Chapter has numerous fun events to keep our social calendars full!...read more